Effective Communication Skills At Work

The results are in…study after study of managers and top executives indicates that communication skills are the most important skill in the workplace. It is more important than technical competence, skill level, experience, education, appearance or dress. Good communication in the workplace leads to success in many areas, including goal achievement, improved workplace satisfaction, and profitability.

Examining our interpersonal communication helps us understand our interactions with others and our own attitudes, beliefs, emotions, and communication habits. This understanding always helps us improve our skills as communicators.

Effective Communication Skills at Work is a 6-hour course.

You will:

  1. Assess your personal communication skills.
  2. Take steps to build your skills in active listening, empathy, rapport building, questioning and reflecting.
  3. Discover your instinctive communication style.

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for everyone who is motivated to improve their workplace success by building dynamic communication skills.

Instructional Methods:

This course will use a variety of instructional methods, all of which are designed to interact, engage, motivate and have fun.