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Building Your Emotional Intelligence At Work

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Are you completely satisfied with yourself and your work performance? Do you work as effectively with others as you would like to?  You may be surprised to discover that our success at work is based less on your intellectual ability (I.Q.). and more on your Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.).  Developing your skills in Emotional Intelligence will improve your physical and … Read more

Dealing With Difficult People

Difficult meeting

Do you deal with rude, irate, impatient, emotional or aggressive people in your life? Knowing techniques that work with difficult people can make all the difference – especially in your life, but even in theirs! Dealing with difficult people means dealing with difficult behavior. But we are only able to deal with someone else’s behavior … Read more

Working Smarter – Not Harder

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Chances are, you already work pretty long days.  Shrinking resources, constant changes, and decreasing leisure time make the possibility of working smarter, not harder, very attractive.  But how do we rid ourselves of the incredible feeling of being overwhelmed?  Where do we start to make an impact on improving our performance?  How do we decide … Read more

Accountability In The Workplace

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Accountability for our actions seems to be in short supply these days. From large corporations to governments, to workplace teams, we have lost our need to be accountable…to almost anyone. Lack of accountability has become very costly. Research though, unfortunately, indicates that we rarely hold each other accountable. We too often convince ourselves that an … Read more

Coping with Anger

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Understanding our own feelings of anger is no laughing matter. How we and others express our feelings of anger says a lot about who we are. It also says a lot about the quality of our interpersonal relationships. This course is designed to help you understand why each of us chooses our own way of … Read more