Accountability In The Workplace

Accountability for our actions seems to be in short supply these days. From large corporations to governments, to workplace teams, we have lost our need to be accountable…to almost anyone. Lack of accountability has become very costly.

Research though, unfortunately, indicates that we rarely hold each other accountable. We too often convince ourselves that an accountability discussion will actually make things worse!

This course is designed to provide hands on, practical strategies and skills for successfully holding others accountable at work.  

 Accountability in the Workplace is a 6-hour course.

You will:

  1. Assess your personal commitment to accountability.
  2. Know when to have an accountability conversation, and take the steps you need to prepare for it.
  3. Practise the best way to create a “safe zone” for conversations that are real, gain agreement on desired results and holds others accountable for the future.
  4. Develop the C-R-I-T-I-C-A-L skills of addressing the accountability gap in others.
  5. Learn the skills of dealing with smoke screens, diversions and other avoidance tactics.

Who Should Attend:

Consider this course if you are interested in creating a culture of accountability within your organization.