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Dennis Eisenbarth: The Change Trainer

Professional training services by an Alberta-based company. Dennis Eisenbarth provides training courses specifically designed for your organization.

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Group Customer Service

Customer Service Excellence

Customer service is your company’s opportunity to connect with customers, solve problems, and prove you care. In doing so, you create lasting relationships that are the key to your company’s long-term success.  Point-of-contact customer service staff are key influencers and open business opportunities for the entire company.

Dennis Eisenbarth

Adult Educator and Trainer

ETG Alberta Ltd. is a company that was developed for the express purpose of facilitating learning.  As the primary facilitator, Dennis understands that every adult learns in a different way…we are not all the same.  That means encouraging learning with a variety of different methods, exercises, games, audio-visual tools, and fun!  It is our passion to encourage learners to envision how their work or personal life could improve in very specific areas.  Our belief is that if we dream of how things can be better, faster, more efficient…then we are better able to take careful steps to make that dream a reality.

Gently encouraging learners to change is rooted in every ETG Alberta Ltd. course.  The adventure and challenge of change always goes hand-in-hand with learning.

Come and join us for the adventure of learning!

Dennis Eisenbarth
“Dennis is an outstanding facilitator. He is dedicated, conscientious and has a way of “registering his message” with students so that it stays with them."
Darrell White
Past Program Coordinator, Business and Leadership, Continuing Education, Red Deer College